Something Special Is Stirring on Dundee’s Celebrated Waterfront

We know that we’re creating an exceptional working environment for both freelancers and organisations, but here at Water’s Edge we’ve known all along that our story is part of a collective effort, and it’s one that has brought international acclaim. Here on the city’s iconic waterfront, there’s an air of innovation that permeates every nook and cranny.

The influential GQ magazine called Dundee the ‘coolest little city in the UK’, and here in the heart of the regeneration it’s easy to see why. Officially recognised as a UNESCO City of Design, Dundee is bristling with opportunity and teeming with creativity. This is a city that’s going places, and we’re delighted to be going places with it.

While there is no heart of the regeneration per se, it’s easy to see the V&A Museum of Design Dundee as a pivotal spot in the development. This important cultural landmark, which is due to open in 2018, is right in the heart of the waterfront area, and it’s expected to attract upwards of 350,000 visitors every year. Water’s Edge is just a short, pleasant stroll away.

Everything you can expect from a world-class working environment

The buzz in Dundee is increasing every month, as more and more projects approach completion. There will be an urban beach, a wonderful selection of famous-name stores and hotels, various public spaces and of course a picturesque waterfront that lends itself perfectly to al fresco relaxation in the sunniest city on Scotland.

Water’s Edge offers a sublime working environment for all, and of course the inspiration and creativity that surrounds us merely adds to the sense of wonder. This is a fabulous place in which to work, and as each month passes by the area becomes ever more iconic.

Minecraft Men Making a Splash at Water’s Edge

Minecraft has been a hugely successful video game for a number of years, enabling gamers to build virtual worlds with the touch of a button. And now, two of the movers and shakers behind the console version of the game’s development have created an exceptional building in the real world. The result is the superb Water’s Edge, an iconic re-imagined collection of workspaces on the banks of the River Tay.

Chris van der Kuyl and Paddy Burns, local entrepreneurs, are co-owners of 4J Studios, the company that helped to bring Minecraft to the masses. Their latest venture, the development of Water’s Edge, has resulted in a truly stunning working environment that will play host to both individuals and companies, not to mention a picturesque waterside terrace and a brand new café and restaurant.

Ring out the old, ring in the new

Water’s Edge is the latest addition to what has been a major regeneration project along Dundee’s famous waterfront. The evolution of the area has led to the creation of an impressive selection of high tech offices, prestigious new homes, celebrated cultural landmarks, high end stores and even an urban beach.

The vision for Water’s Edge centres on a desire to attract motivated, creative professionals and to provide a location which inspires them to inspire each other. The offices and meeting rooms offer high tech connectivity and the public area is designed to encourage networking in both organised and informal ways. Bouncing ideas around will come naturally to those who work here.

The development of Water’s Edge has rightly been seen as a boost to the business scene in Dundee, but it’s hoped that the rather unique workspaces will attract creative professionals from elsewhere, too. This is a working environment that has been designed to nurture inspiration and productivity for all tenants. And thanks to Chris and Paddy’s iconic reputations, high profile freelancers and organisations are already sitting up and taking notice.

An Eatery to Match the Surroundings of Water’s Edge

Modern office space with kitchenette

Great inspiration is all around us at Water’s Edge, but of course we know that achieving the impossible requires fuel. A top of the range Ferrari runs on high quality petrol, and our top of the range tenants will be able to run on superb food when our in-house restaurant opens.

Our workspaces, to put it simply, are to sigh for. They offer a creative buzz that will rub off on everyone, thanks to the awesome location and the inspirational layout. Here in the heart of Dundee’s rightly celebrated waterfront regeneration, you’ll find all the impact you and your business will ever need.

And while our tenants will understandably focus on the offices and meeting rooms at the start, it’s worth noting that a particularly stunning restaurant and café will be opening on site in 2018. Plans are at the advanced stage, and very soon we will be revealing further details of this establishment, but the one thing we can say now is that it’s set to be the largest restaurant in the whole of Dundee.

Wonderful food, wonderful atmosphere, wonderful views

Imagine yourself working in one of our superb workspaces or meeting colleagues in our public space, knowing that a stunning restaurant is only a few feet away. You can recharge the batteries in style here, whether you’re in the mood for a quick coffee and a tasty sandwich or a full-on epicurean extravaganza.

You’ll love the selection of drinks and food that will be available, and of course you’ll be able to savour your choices in a hugely impressive setting. The views overlooking the waterfront will be spectacular, making every breaktime a thing of beauty. Vistas of the iconic River Tay will be dramatic, and when the new marina is completed they will be even more delightful.

When the announcement about our new restaurant is made, you can be sure that the buzz which surrounds Water’s Edge will be even more emphatic. In the meantime, all we can say is watch this space…

Water’s Edge Creators Become 550th Member of DACC

Outside view of Water's Edge

Water’s Edge Creators Become Members of Important Local Business Network

In October 2017, Tayforth Properties were understandably proud to be accepted as the 550th member of the Dundee & Angus Chamber of Commerce. We feel our membership of such an important organisation underlines our commitment to the continuing success of the region as a whole and the waterfront area in particular. The business community here is thriving, and we plan to do the same.

Water’s Edge will play host to a wide and diverse range of tenants, with many of them working in cutting edge technology. The workspaces which have been created will lend themselves perfectly to inspiration and creativity, and the work that emanates from the building will surely consolidate Dundee’s position at the forefront of modern business practices.

The Dundee & Angus Chamber of Commerce (DACC) has been in existence for a number of years, and they currently represent organisations with more than 50,000 total employees. Their work provides vital connections and a great many commercial opportunities for their members.

Proud to be part of the buzz

DACC Chief Executive Alison Henderson recently presented a membership certificate to Stewart Clark, Managing Director of Tayforth Properties, after being shown around the development. Our building is located right in the heart of the waterfront area, giving us a unique insight into one of Europe’s most ambitious construction projects.

Situated at City Quay between Camperdown Dock and Victoria Dock, Water’s Edge will be an inspirational place in which to work, thanks to its position on the banks of the Tay. For both sizable organisations and solo freelancers alike, this is an environment that provides impact and encourages productivity on a daily basis.

Water’s Edge will be one of the finest workspaces in Scotland, and its design has created a significant buzz both locally and internationally. The granting of DACC membership to Tayforth Properties is another milestone on a journey that began with a disused transit shed in Dundee’s old docks region and will end with a state of the art working environment that will be the envy of millions.