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At Water’s Edge, there’s a creative buzz in the air, and it’s keenly felt in our offices which are set aside for co-working. This is where like-minded individuals from a diverse range of industry sectors can come together to work on their own projects but within a framework that lends itself perfectly to an ethos of collective inspiration.

Whether you plan to rent a space for a few hours or for many months, you’ll find everything you need to be motivated. Working within a world-class environment that nurtures and cultivates talent, your functionality will improve, your productivity will increase and your networks will develop.

Our co-working spaces feature superfast broadband, fully managed services, smart central heating, plenty of fresh air and of course sumptuous views of Dundee’s celebrated waterfront. Whether you’re engrossed in screen work, bouncing around ideas with others in The Hub or savouring a coffee on the waterside terrace, your working days will be like no others you’ve ever had.

Co Working Rates

0 - 6 Desks

Individual Costs
Prices 1 2 3 4 5 6
1 Month £276.40 £270.87 £265.45 £260.15 £254.94 £249.84
3 Month £248.76 £243.78 £238.91 £234.13 £229.45 £224.86
6 Month £221.12 £216.70 £212.36 £208.12 £203.95 £199.87
12 Month £193.48 £189.61 £185.82 £182.10 £178.46 £174.89
Cumulative Costs
1 Month £276.40 £541.74 £796.36 £1,040.58 £1,274.71 £1,499.06
3 Month £248.76 £487.57 £716.73 £936.52 £1,147.24 £1,349.15
6 Month £221.12 £433.39 £637.09 £832.46 £1,019.77 £1,199.25
12 Month £193.48 £379.22 £557.45 £728.41 £892.30 £1,049.34

7 - 12 Desks

Individual Costs
Prices 7 8 9 10 11 12
1 Month £244.85 £239.95 £235.15 £230.45 £225.84 £221.32
3 Month £220.36 £215.95 £211.64 £207.40 £203.25 £199.19
6 Month £195.88 £191.96 £188.12 £184.36 £180.67 £177.06
12 Month £171.39 £167.96 £164.61 £161.31 £158.09 £154.93
Cumulative Costs
1 Month £1,713.93 £1,919.60 £2,116.36 £2,304.48 £2,484.23 £2,655.86
3 Month £1,542.53 £1,727.64 £1,904.72 £2,074.03 £2,235.80 £2,390.28
6 Month £1,371.14 £1,535.68 £1,693.09 £1,843.58 £1,987.38 £2,124.69
12 Month £1,199.75 £1,343.72 £1,481.45 £1,613.13 £1,738.96 £1,859.10

13 - 18 Desks

Individual Costs
Prices 13 14 15 16 17 18
1 Month £216.90 £212.56 £208.31 £204.14 £200.06 £196.06
3 Month £195.21 £191.30 £187.48 £183.73 £180.05 £176.45
6 Month £173.52 £170.05 £166.65 £163.31 £160.05 £156.85
12 Month £151.83 £148.79 £145.81 £142.90 £140.04 £137.24
Cumulative Costs
1 Month £2,819.64 £2,975.81 £3,124.60 £3,266.25 £3,400.98 £3,529.01
3 Month £2,537.68 £2,678.23 £2,812.14 £2,939.62 £3,060.88 £3,176.11
6 Month £2,255.71 £2,380.65 £2,499.68 £2,613.00 £2,720.78 £2,823.21
12 Month £1,973.75 £2,083.06 £2,187.22 £2,286.37 £2,380.68 £2,470.31

The Environment That Will Help You to Become a Better You

The over-riding feeling when you’re co-working at Water’s Edge is one of comfort. Everything about your time spent here will be geared towards helping you focus on creativity, from the light, airy offices, the high-tech connectivity and the ease of the social interactions to the sense of community, the visual impact of the building and the inspirational vibe of the amenities.

There’s a delicious sense of potential in the air, and it’s one that you’ll want to have access to. Co-working here represents the best of both worlds, because you’ll be able to focus on your own personal needs while always being part of a community that thinks like you, acts like you and works like you. This is individual working with just the right amount of individuality, yet you’ll be surrounded by talented professionals throughout the working day.


What’s Meant by Co-Working?

Co-working is a great way of utilising top of the range office facilities as and when you need them. Water’s Edge co-workers get the chance of working in a superb environment with like-minded men and women, without having to pay a small fortune in the process.

Will I Be Working Totally on My Own?

Our co-working facilities enable you to get your head down and work on your own whenever you want, but the greatest thing about this set-up is the opportunity to share ideas and strategies with others working around you. Your contemporaries will be from a diverse range of industry sectors, so the inspiration that surrounds you comes via a wide spectrum of avenues.

What Will My Working Environment Be Like?

You’ll have a superb state of the art workspace at Water’s Edge, one that’s designed to encourage creativity and efficiency in all who pass through. Super-fast broadband, properly managed facilities and high end amenities abound, not to mention the stunning views of Dundee’s beautiful waterfront.


The booking process for co-working spaces is easy, so you can find yourself a working environment that’ll be the envy of many with just a few clicks of a mouse button. A new way of thinking, working and producing is within your grasp, so click here to take the first steps on a path that you never imagined possible.

Water’s Edge is also home to a number of superb meeting rooms, communal area and open spaces. The latter will be used for group meetings, product launches, exhibitions and gatherings. If you become part of the Water’s Edge community, you’ll find inspiration all around you.

Contact us today for more information about co-working at the most vibrant workspace of them all.

Does Co-Working Entail a Long-Term Financial Commitment?

The short answer is no. We offer co-working facilities for as little as a month at a time, although longer contracts will prove to be less expensive. This is a flexible way to work, and it’s reflected in the flexibility of our options. The vibrancy that permeates the whole building will surely make you want to stay for the long term.

Will There Be Others like Me?

Yes, of course. The concept of Water’s Edge is one that’s geared towards garnering, nurturing and extending a creative buzz, and we’re proud of the fact that our building will be perfect for both planned and accidental networking opportunities. If you’re a creative individual, you won’t be alone here.

What About Communal Areas?

Water’s Edge houses an extensive area available to all tenants. These areas include public spaces, a waterfront terrace, the restaurant and café and the iconic indoor main drag, known as The Hub. It’s so easy to find inspiration all around you here.
Stewart Clark MD Tayforth Properties Ltd

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Transport Links & About Dundee

Getting to and from Water’s Edge is so easy. Our superb offices are located in the centre of the waterfront’s heartbeat, and the journey is simple, whether you’re travelling by boat, train, bus, car, plane, bike or on foot. Everything about our development is designed to make your working days a pleasure, and that includes the commute.

The new railway station is just a few minutes’ walk from Water’s Edge, while the city’s airport, which offers direct flights to London, is just four kilometres away. There are a number of bus routes, with Dundee bus station only 11 minutes walk or, if you happen to have your own private yacht you can use the moorings at the adjacent marina when it opens!

Here are some important timings for those travelling into Dundee:

  • Edinburgh by train – 1hr 5mins
  • Glasgow by train – 1hr 20mins
  • London by train – 6hrs 15mins
  • Glasgow airport by car – 1hr 45mins
  • Edinburgh airport by car – 1hr 15mins
  • Aberdeen airport by car 1hr 30mins

Water’s Edge is just a few minutes’ walk from a great selection of hotels. The city is home to a number of cycling routes and the waterfront area itself is extremely cycle-friendly. You will be able to park your bike at Water’s Edge.

If you’re driving, parking spaces are available in Camperdown Road, and our tenants will have an opportunity to lease parking spaces within the development.