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Our Vision for the Ultimate Workspace

Here at Water’s Edge, we wanted to create a working environment that ticked all the right boxes, one that enabled creative professionals to bring out the best in themselves. We started with a blank piece of paper, and we put that piece of paper down in one of the most iconic locations in the whole of Scotland.

Dundee’s waterfront matched our vision perfectly. We knew all about the heritage that permeates this area, we knew the views across the water were spectacular and we knew there was a discernible buzz about the place – our ambition was to add to the buzz, and hopefully to improve on it in a dramatic way.

We wanted to tap into the entrepreneurial spirit that the region is famous for, and to create so much more than a few offices spread around some random building. We wanted offices which were inter-connected with a communal area where ideas can be bounced around. In short, we wanted our tenants to be located in a place which actually added to their talents.

Our vision included a terrace beside the water, a restaurant and café where networking opportunities will happen all the time, sometimes even by accident. Each of our offices is self-contained, but all the tools to reach out to others are right there in front of you. It’s a completely re-imagined approach to office space; you won’t find any plastic plants or cheesy motivational quotes on the walls here.

The result is Water’s Edge, a workplace that encourages creative thought, that inspires everyone from independent freelancers to corporate teams and makes all of them actually want to go to work in the mornings. We provide an environment in which good energy is contagious, and the end result is offices for lease Dundee can be proud of.

A Bright Future That’s Based on an Iconic Past

The superb Water’s Edge development has been created in the historic Shed 25, one of the oldest buildings in the former Dundee docks area. The city itself was established because of its location on the north shore of the River Tay, and it developed and flourished thanks to its relationship with the water.

Dundee was granted a Royal Charter in 1191 by King David I, and for many years it was second only to Edinburgh in terms of importance to the Scottish economy. Trade routes were established with ports in the Baltic and across northern Europe, and many merchants in and around Dundee became extremely wealthy.

The original harbour in Dundee was a little to the east of its current location, but in the 16th century it was moved westward to where Water’s Edge is now found. In the 19th century Dundee became famous the world over for its associations with the jute industry, a relationship that led to rapid growth.

As the amount of trade grew, so the docks area expanded. No less a figure than the celebrated Thomas Telford was brought in to improve the facilities in the harbour, with new docks being established on various parts of the shoreline. Later, the arrival of the railways to Dundee added to the importance of the city’s trade links.

Come and Join the Buzz

Shed 25, location of our state-of-the-art offices, meeting rooms and communal area, is the oldest surviving transit shed in the area. It was built in 1865, with an extension added in the 1880s. Located between Camperdown Dock and Victoria Dock, it was used for storage for many years. At one time, it became an important staging post for cattle which were sent abroad to troops.

Water’s Edge is a significant part of the City Quay development, a major regeneration of Dundee’s historic docks area. The project has breathed new life into the region, with the construction of new houses, apartments, commercial spaces and important renovations of existing historic buildings.

We at Water’s Edge are understandably proud to be part of such a celebrated development, and we are delighted to be able to offer beautifully designed workspaces to the local business community. The former Shed 25 faces a bright future, one that will be at the cutting edge of commercial progress, one that provides an environment that’s geared to development, creativity, imagination and inspiration, and one that everyone will want to be part of.

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Tayforth Properties Ltd Brings You Water's Edge

Tayforth Properties Ltd, which is owned by Chris van der Kuyl and Paddy Burns (founders of 4J Studios and developers of the Minecraft console editions), and operated by Managing Director Stewart Clark, worked with Dundee-based architects Nicoll Russell Studios Ltd and contractors Lyon Building Services to deliver the Water’s Edge project in 2018.

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