Seven Great Rooms

At Water’s Edge, our mission has been to provide a working environment that offers everything you need to get the job done in a creative, productive and enjoyable manner, and that means providing more than just stunning offices. The enthusiasm that infuses the whole building will be just as prominent in the meeting rooms as well.

These inspirational spaces are so much more than rooms, however: they are inspiring workspaces that feed the imagination, nurture the creative spirit and encourage the exceptional.

Each of the meeting rooms can be booked in advance for periods ranging from 15-minute slots to whole days and weeks.  By simply opening an account with Water’s Edge and logging in, anyone can book a meeting room at their convenience. These great spaces offer all the amenities you’d expect from such an impressive development and of course all the buzz that Water’s Edge exudes.

Whether you’re looking to roll out a new strategy, liaise with far-flung colleagues in another part of the world, impress a prospective new client or anything else, we have a room for you. Water’s Edge has a relaxed, informal air and the friendly yet professional vibe is all around you.

Meeting Rooms
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Meeting Rooms
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Amber Room


Blue Room


Cyan Room


Green Room


Magenta Room


Inspiring on the Outside, Inspiring on the Inside

The building itself is hugely impressive, with a stunning location right on Dundee’s heritage-rich waterfront. When the sun shines, there is nothing more pleasing than informal chats over coffee.

Whether you want a running buffet for the whole group, a sit-down meal or simply a selection of fresh, tasty sandwiches, you’ll find it right here. The framework for a hugely successful meeting is being created; all that’s left for you to do is make it happen.

Anyone can open an account with us, it will be so easy to book a meeting room for the time and date that suits best. The booking can be made with just the click of a mouse button, and card payments take the hassle out of any organisation. When top-of-the-range meetings can be held amid top-of-the-range surroundings, you just know your time will be spent efficiently.

Contact us today for more information about the best meeting rooms Dundee has to offer.

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