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At Water’s Edge, our mission has been to provide a working environment that offers everything you need to get the job done in a creative, productive and enjoyable manner, and that means providing more than just stunning offices. The enthusiasm that infuses the whole building will be just as prominent in the meeting rooms as well.

These inspirational spaces are so much more than rooms, however: they are inspiring workspaces that feed the imagination, nurture the creative spirit and encourage the exceptional.

Each of the meeting rooms can be booked in advance for periods ranging from 15-minute slots to whole days and weeks.  By simply opening an account with Water’s Edge and logging in, anyone can book a meeting room at their convenience. These great spaces offer all the amenities you’d expect from such an impressive development and of course all the buzz that Water’s Edge exudes.

Whether you’re looking to roll out a new strategy, liaise with far-flung colleagues in another part of the world, impress a prospective new client or anything else, we have a room for you. Water’s Edge has a relaxed, informal air and the friendly yet professional vibe is all around you.

Inspiring on the Outside, Inspiring on the Inside

The building itself is hugely impressive, with a stunning location right on Dundee’s heritage-rich waterfront. When the sun shines, there is nothing more pleasing than informal chats over coffee, and the café and restaurant (next phase of development) will provide sumptuous dining options for all occasions.

Whether you want a running buffet for the whole group, a sit-down meal or simply a selection of fresh, tasty sandwiches, you’ll find it right here. The framework for a hugely successful meeting is being created; all that’s left for you to do is make it happen.

Anyone can open an account with us, it will be so easy to book a meeting room for the time and date that suits best. The booking can be made with just the click of a mouse button, and card payments take the hassle out of any organisation. When top-of-the-range meetings can be held amid top-of-the-range surroundings, you just know your time will be spent efficiently.

Contact us today for more information about the best meeting rooms Dundee has to offer.

Key Details


  • Pay and Display parking spaces are found in nearby Camperdown Street.
  • There are several public car parks close by.


  • Water’s Edge will have its own café and restaurant (next phase of development)


  • Every meeting room is equipped with superfast broadband.
  • Thanks to our versatile system, rooms can be used for even the shortest of get-togethers.
  • All rooms are comfortable, well-appointed and feature adjustable heating, lighting and cooling.

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  • Bookings are available from 15 minutes to whole days.
  • Anyone can book via the in-house system.
  • Contact our friendly team today for more information.

Meeting Rooms

Great meetings bring so much more than just a chance to update team members; they can be a forum for creative thought in which every participant has their say. Whether you’re looking to get a message across to your people, to introduce new strategies, to make a major announcement or to simply get everyone together for a chat, we have the meeting rooms for you.

Our superb spaces can be used for staff meetings, board meetings, training sessions and just about anything else. They feature technological aids, a comfortable and convivial atmosphere and all the managed amenities you’ll ever need. These are places in which decisions can be made, thoughts can be processed and inspirations can be brought to reality.

Our tenants can book meeting rooms online, so there’s a maximum of convenience with a minimum of fuss. Focussing on the tasks in hand is so much simpler when you’re in an environment that encourages free thought.

Contact our team today to find out more.

Meeting Room FAQ

Do I Need to Book in Advance?

Booking ahead is always a good idea, because you can then be sure of the room’s availability. Having said that, rooms will be bookable on the day itself if they are free. As always, a quick chat with the team at Water’s Edge will bring you all the information you need.

Do I Have to Book the Meeting Room for a Whole Day?

No. There is no need to book a room for any more time than you need, so you can keep within your budgets with ease. Each of our meeting rooms can be booked in slots of 15 minutes or multiples thereof, so you can plan your meeting in advance and use your allotted time efficiently.

What About Parking for Visiting Delegates?

There are a number of parking spaces at Water’s Edge which can be leased for tenants, and there is parking nearby on Camperdown Street. You’ll also find parking options at Marketgait, Greenmarket. Gellatly Street and in nearby South Victoria Dock.

Meeting Rooms for Board Meetings

There will always be times when the movers and shakers need to come together to make important decisions and to debate crucial issues, and our board rooms provide the perfect venue. We have a number of options available.

The key word in the board rooms at Water’s Edge is comfort. Everything you need for a successful meeting is to be found here, from the superfast broadband and the superb views to the ambient temperatures and the most comfortable furniture. There is a discernible buzz in the air, and it’s one that inspires highly successful gatherings.

Our board rooms can be booked in 15-minute slots and multiples thereof, so you only pay for what you need. If you need the whole day that’s fine, but if you just want a quick catch-up that won’t be a problem either.

Board Room FAQs

What’s the Atmosphere like Outside the Board Rooms?

The atmosphere in and around Water’s Edge is unlike any other workplace environment. This is a facility that inspires from the moment you walk through the door, thanks to a creative buzz that permeates the whole building. We have created an exciting workspace that nurtures talent and engenders success.

What About Food and Drink?

The café and restaurant at Water’s Edge, following the next phase of development, will be a place for you and your colleagues to take some time off for refreshments. If you just fancy a coffee and some fresh air, head to the waterside terrace and take in the views.

How Do I Pay?

It’s possible to book rooms by debit or credit card via our system, so there’s no need to worry about carrying cash. If you’re one of our tenants, you will be able to book directly with us via a click of a mouse button, and to pay in the usual way through your account with Water’s Edge.

Meeting Rooms for Training

Effective, productive training is a cornerstone of successful business and, with help from our superb training rooms, you can lead the way in style, allowing you to plan a highly impressive session with ease.

As well as rooms designed to help you and your team reach its potential, Water’s Edge offers some exceptional views of Dundee’s iconic waterfront, a superb café and restaurant (next phase of development) and The Hub buzzing with inspiration.

Whether you’re introducing new systems, changing strategies or simply inducting newcomers, we have a training room for you. We have a selection of options, so have a chat with our friendly team today to discuss your requirements.

Training Room FAQ

Are the Training Rooms Available to Tenants?

Yes. Our training rooms can be booked by our existing tenants as well as business clients from elsewhere. There are several rooms available, so it’s easy to find one that has everything you need.

How Can I Book a Training Room?

If you’re a tenant at Water’s Edge, you can book a training room with just a couple of mouse clicks, and you will be able to pay through your account with us. External users can book a facility directly through our team.

How Comfortable Are the Training Rooms?

Our training rooms are bright, modern, well-equipped and extremely comfortable. Everything you need for an effective, productive session can be found here, so it’s easy to bring out the best in everyone.

Meeting Rooms for Video Conferences

There are times when you will need to arrange important video conferences, so you’ll be happy to know Water’s Edge, Dundee’s premier creative workspace will have a facility for you.

As well as superb facilities for those in attendance, superfast broadband and large screens help you engage with managers in Montreal, directors in Detroit and supervisors in Sydney. We do business in a global environment these days, and our video conference rooms provide access to the whole planet.

Conference FAQs

Why Use Our Video Conference Rooms?

Helping your people collaborate from anywhere, our video conferencing facilities allow you to catch every nuance and get more done. Make every meeting count and reduce operational costs for everything from sales to product development.

Do I Need to Book a Conference Room for a Whole Day?

No. Our rooms are available for both short and long-term hire, so you won’t need to spend money on room time that you don’t plan to use. We believe in providing the ultimate conference facility for our users, and it’s one which encourages everyone to focus on what’s needed.

What Are the Transport Links Like?

If you have visiting delegates, the transport links are superb. The mainline railway station is a short walk from Water’s Edge, and Dundee airport is only four kilometres away. Road links to Dundee are excellent, and there is plenty of parking nearby.

Transport Links & About Dundee

Getting to and from Water’s Edge is so easy. Our superb offices are located in the centre of the waterfront’s heartbeat, and the journey is simple, whether you’re travelling by boat, train, bus, car, plane, bike or on foot. Everything about our development is designed to make your working days a pleasure, and that includes the commute.

The new railway station is just a few minutes’ walk from Water’s Edge, while the city’s airport, which offers direct flights to London, is just four kilometres away. There are a number of bus routes, with Dundee bus station only 11 minutes walk or, if you happen to have your own private yacht you can use the moorings at the adjacent marina when it opens!

Here are some important timings for those travelling into Dundee:

  • Edinburgh by train – 1hr 5mins
  • Glasgow by train – 1hr 20mins
  • London by train – 6hrs 15mins
  • Glasgow airport by car – 1hr 45mins
  • Edinburgh airport by car – 1hr 15mins
  • Aberdeen airport by car 1hr 30mins

Water’s Edge is just a few minutes’ walk from a great selection of hotels. The city is home to a number of cycling routes and the waterfront area itself is extremely cycle-friendly. You will be able to park your bike at Water’s Edge.

If you’re driving, parking spaces are available in Camperdown Road, and our tenants will have an opportunity to lease parking spaces within the development.

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