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There’s a discernible buzz in the air in Dundee these days, and the £1 billion regeneration of the docks area is at the epicentre of the vibrancy. This is a city that’s going places, and as a result we at Water’s Edge are ecstatic about the present and excited about the future.

The famous RRS Discovery, the ship that took Captain Scott to the Antarctic, remains a focal point on the city’s waterfront, but the regeneration has helped to transform the whole area into an important centre for culture, tourism and business. Water’s Edge is in a prime location in the City Quay area, just a stone’s throw from the Tay Road Bridge.

Important developments as a result of the regeneration include a new railway station, the prestigious V&A Museum of Design, a planned urban beach, a huge selection of hotels, restaurants, stores and cafés, tree-lined avenues, waterfront walking and cycle paths and Slessor Gardens, a multi-functional space that’s more than 10,000sqm in size.

21st century Dundee has a vibrancy that you can feel all around you, and the city provides the perfect backdrop to working days that are jam-packed with creativity and inspiration. Water’s Edge has been designed with a view to bringing together like-minded people who can make things happen, and we’re in no doubt that our superb workspaces are located in the ideal city.

To find out more about working at Water’s Edge, contact us today. The next chapter of your development is ready and waiting to unfold…

Discover Dundee
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Discover Dundee
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