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Great meetings bring so much more than just a chance to update team members; they can be a forum for creative thought in which every participant has their say. Whether you’re looking to get a message across to your people, to introduce new strategies, to make a major announcement or to simply get everyone together for a chat, we have the meeting rooms for you.

Our superb spaces can be used for staff meetings, board meetings, training sessions and just about anything else. They feature technological aids, a comfortable and convivial atmosphere and all the managed amenities you’ll ever need. These are places in which decisions can be made, thoughts can be processed and inspirations can be brought to reality.

Our tenants can book meeting rooms online, so there’s a maximum of convenience with a minimum of fuss. Focussing on the tasks in hand is so much simpler when you’re in an environment that encourages free thought.

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Meeting Room FAQs
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Meeting Room FAQs
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Booking ahead is always a good idea, because you can then be sure of the room’s availability. Having said that, rooms will be bookable on the day itself if they are free. As always, a quick chat with the team at Water’s Edge will bring you all the information you need.

No. There is no need to book a room for any more time than you need, so you can keep within your budgets with ease. Each of our meeting rooms can be booked in slots of 15 minutes or multiples thereof, so you can plan your meeting in advance and use your allotted time efficiently.

There are a number of parking spaces at Water’s Edge which can be leased for tenants, and there is parking nearby on Camperdown Street. You’ll also find parking options at Marketgait, Greenmarket. Gellatly Street and in nearby South Victoria Dock.

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