Something Special Is Stirring on Dundee’s Celebrated Waterfront

We know that we’re creating an exceptional working environment for both freelancers and organisations, but here at Water’s Edge we’ve known all along that our story is part of a collective effort, and it’s one that has brought international acclaim. Here on the city’s iconic waterfront, there’s an air of innovation that permeates every nook and cranny.

The influential GQ magazine called Dundee the ‘coolest little city in the UK’, and here in the heart of the regeneration it’s easy to see why. Officially recognised as a UNESCO City of Design, Dundee is bristling with opportunity and teeming with creativity. This is a city that’s going places, and we’re delighted to be going places with it.

While there is no heart of the regeneration per se, it’s easy to see the V&A Museum of Design Dundee as a pivotal spot in the development. This important cultural landmark, which is due to open in 2018, is right in the heart of the waterfront area, and it’s expected to attract upwards of 350,000 visitors every year. Water’s Edge is just a short, pleasant stroll away.

Everything you can expect from a world-class working environment

The buzz in Dundee is increasing every month, as more and more projects approach completion. There will be an urban beach, a wonderful selection of famous-name stores and hotels, various public spaces and of course a picturesque waterfront that lends itself perfectly to al fresco relaxation in the sunniest city on Scotland.

Water’s Edge offers a sublime working environment for all, and of course the inspiration and creativity that surrounds us merely adds to the sense of wonder. This is a fabulous place in which to work, and as each month passes by the area becomes ever more iconic.

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