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Water’s Edge is so much more than a collection of world-class offices, meeting rooms, open spaces and communal areas. We sit proudly on the waterfront in one of the most exciting cities in the UK, in the heart of a re-energised area that pulses with inspiration and creativity.

Our ethos at Water’s Edge revolves around bringing together talented individuals and teams, and giving them every opportunity to co-exist in a spirit of innovation and community. We offer the ultimate workspaces in an impactful location, and we know great things will happen here on a daily basis.

See below for the latest news about our people, our projects and our positivity. We’re proud to be located in such an iconic place, and we’re delighted to be part of the regeneration of a truly wonderful city.

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Outside view of Water's Edge

Water’s Edge Creators Become 550th Member of DACC

Water’s Edge Creators Become Members of Important Local Business Network In October 2017, Tayforth Properties were understandably proud to be acce...

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